dallas-council-aamco-transmissionsVenice Auto Body Customer Testimonials

Note from Dallas Council of AAMCO Transmissions of Venice, FL:

Venice Auto Body,  Thank you for taking such great care of our customer Gordon and his BMW. We will refer all of our body work needs to you moving forward!

Best, Dallas

Letter from Keith W. Wilson of Sarasota, FL:

Mr. Linse,  The purpose of my letter is to extend a very special thanks to Venice Auto Body for your absolute exceptional workmanship.

Since moving here to Sarasota, Florida, November 2008, we experienced two automobile accidents to our misfortune. First accident occurred Aug, 2010.

Our Nissan Roadster was hit from behind and appeared to be totaled. A customer of yours ‘our financial broker’ strongly suggested we turn our car over to your company for repair. Because of his strong endorsement of your quality workmanship, we decided to have our 350Z restored inside and out. To our complete amazement our 350 looks better than the day it rolled off the assembly line. We constantly receive compliments on the quality of the appearance of our car. Talk about turning a negative experience into a positive, truly unbelievable.

Our second accident occurred this year. Our Cadillac Escalade was parked at the beach. When we returned to our car, we realized that someone had sideswiped the bottom passenger side. This time we experienced a little less anxiety knowing that we had someone that could return our car to its original appearance. Bottom line, once again, you exceeded our expectations. To validate this statement, in the exact words of our Cadillac dealership, “truly amazing that anyone could perfectly match the original burgundy color of a 2004 Escalade.”

Finally, please pass along our sincere thanks to everyone behind the scene, the body shop, painter and anyone else that has contributed to our overwhelming satisfaction.

(Copy of this letter, dated June 25, 2014, is on display at our customer service counter along with many other thank you cards and notes)

Letter from Donald Deeks, dated January 10, 2015:

Dear Jerry,  On November 6, 2014, I had some dental surgery performed and my son drove me to the dentist in my two month old 2014 Mercedes GLS 550. On the way to pick me up, he was rear ended by a pickup truck.

I immediately told him to take the car to Venice Auto Body, as I had some minor work done by your firm in the past and had been pleased with the work.

The damage turned out to be more extensive than originally thought, to the extent of some $14,ooo plus.

You, Ryan and other members of your staff, some of which I met and others of which I did not meet, all collaborated to do an outstanding job of bringing my car to its new car status. I cannot tell that it was ever damaged and really appreciate the professional work that was done on the car.

Keep up the excellent work. Sincerely, Donald Deeks