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We gladly accept all insurance work.

What you need to know:

Direct Repair Providers, also known as DRPs or network repair providers, are collision centers that have an agreement with the insurance companies to provide services at predetermined rates.

Over the last decade insurance companies have used increasing Amounts of pressure to steer repairs to their DRPs in an effort to save money on repairs.

The issue has become important enough that most states now have anti-steering laws to protect the customer’s right to choose their own collision repair facility.

Even though steering is illegal a number of questionable practices are still used by some insurance companies. Some will state that the wait for appraisers will be quite long, that they may not pay for the total cost of repair or they will not warranty the collision center’s work.

Your insurance company wants you to think this is the only way to guarantee the work that is performed. The truth is, they want you to go to their body shop because they have negotiated a rate with them. This means, sometimes, things that should be replaced, are instead repaired, to save the insurance company money.

venice-florida-auto-body-shopWe guarantee every job we do, regardless of your insurance company, for as long as you own your car.

We will handle all of your insurance related paperwork and most importantly make sure your vehicle is repaired properly and is restored to pre-accident condition.

Average turnaround time for auto body repair is 4-5 days, but this can vary due to availability of parts and the extent of damage.

Our expertly trained auto body technicians work with all vehicle makes and models, and we’ve serviced the Venice, Florida, Sarasota County area since 1972.

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